The School of 
Inner Healing 
and Deliverance

Bride Ministries International has created a school for properly equipping men and women to deliver strategic assistance to survivors of mind control projects, satanic and cult ritual abuse, extreme trauma, and to effectively minister deliverance and inner healing to the general population in the body of Christ. This is a three-year comprehensive curriculum that is designed to build an army of powerful men and women that will be capable of empowering believers across the world.

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Introduction to our Three-Year Program

Enter the Ministry Field with the Support Needed in Year Two

Achieve Understanding and  Healing in Year One

Grow as an Effective Minister in Complex Deliverance, Ministry to the Human Spirit, and Inner-Healing in Year Three

Program Methodology.

Bride Ministries has become known around the world a ministry for deep inner healing and deliverance. The School of Inner Healing and Deliverance is designed to equip and release a company of people that will effectively minister to survivors of deep trauma, cult abuse, satanic ritual abuse, government sponsored mind control projects, and other sources of brokenness and spiritual bondage. They will have the capacity to provide strategic assistance with the power of Jesus Christ to bring lasting change and breakthrough through proven techniques and prayer strategies.

Year One

The first year of the program is designed to walk the student through the Bride Ministries Institute, foundational principles, and a shift in worldview, preparing participants for the second year which is heavily focused on actual ministry training.

Year Two

In the second year, participants will receive hands-on experience working with each other and outside volunteers, providing exposure to various degrees of brokenness, spiritual bondage, and trauma.

Year Three

The third year is a residency where students will be able to have oversight while continuing to gain valuable ministry experience.


This program is a three-year commitment to learn about trauma survivors, inner healing, deliverance, ethics of practice, and frontline ministry.

Dive Deep

This program will require students to lean deeply into their relationship with Jesus Christ as they are equipped with proven techniques and the know-how to effectively bring about deliverance, inner healing, human spirit activation, and breakthrough for others

Attend an Open House

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Year One Learning

During the first year you will participate in a learning experience that is facilitated by various Trained and Selected Coaches on the Bride Ministries platform. You will participate in weekly groups focused on discussing the content of the Bride Ministries Institute, one course at a time. You will experience this journey with a cohort. This will allow for a bonding experience with other like-minded learners and exposure to the coach community at Bride Ministries. There will also be a facilitated journey through specific podcasts, former church sermon, and an overall introduction to the kingdom of God, the world of mind control, and the reality of how the kingdom of darkness is pursuing their New World Order. You will also participate in all four weekend Intensives taught by Daniel Duval.

Year Two Learning

The second year will be an intense hands-on experience in a direct discipleship experience with Daniel Duval. You will read books, write reports, take quizzes and tests, engage in case studies, ethics training, and hands-on ministry experience. This year is focused on training participants in the effective application of prayer resources, the ability to minister to parts and alternate personalities, the ability to minister to the human spirit and its fractals, the execution of advanced deliverance techniques, and the process of deprogramming individuals who have been subjected to mind control. There will be four weeklong ministry training intensives at the Bride Ministries Campus in Katy, TX. This will also include ongoing mentorship and weekly office hours to empower success.

Year Three Learning

The third year is a residency program where students will be empowered to work with volunteers and paid clients while under supervision, gaining powerful experience with ongoing feedback. This is designed to prepare students for release as a coach on the Bride Ministries platform. This will include ongoing access to office hours, a weekly meeting with their cohort, and the ability to attend the annual coach retreat.

Applicant Criteria

We are looking for individuals that have identified and responded to a call from God to the realm of inner healing and deliverance ministry. We prefer individuals that already have some ministry and/or counseling experience. We will consider those that are called and ready to take the journey with a full commitment to the process.

We are looking for people that are aware, or at least willing to be made aware, of the depths of deception within governmental, religious, and educational institutions that have a willingness to allow for their worldview to be turned upside down.

We are NOT looking for individuals at the beginning of their own healing and deliverance from ritual abuse and government sponsored mind-control. We are NOT looking for individuals that are simply looking for a new hobby or something interesting to do with their free time. We are NOT looking for individuals interested in a career change simply because they hate their current job.

If you are just beginning to understand the world of inner-healing, deliverance, satanic ritual abuse, cult abuse, and mind control, this program may not be appropriate for you until there has been time for you to develop some familiarity on the subjects.

Process & Timeline

 In the Bride Ministries School of Inner Healing and Deliverance, each year is treated as a stand-alone program, meaning that completion of year one does not guarantee participation in year two. Completion of the second year does not guarantee participation in the residency. Participation in residency does not guarantee release as a coach on the Bride Ministries platform. Each year has its own price, and multiple years cannot be purchased in advance. Release as a coach does not mean the individual will also receive licensing or ordainment under Bride Ministries. Licensing and ordainment are at the sole discretion of leadership within Bride Ministries and have their own path of consideration.

Year One Qualifications

To be eligible to apply for year one, the candidate must attend a School of Inner Healing and Deliverance Open House.
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The candidate will fill out an application. This application will be reviewed and based on that review, the candidate will either be granted immediate acceptance, be required to sit for an interview with the program director, or they will be declined access to year one of the program.

Applications will be accepted through the end of November. All applicants will receive their acceptance by mid-December.

Year Two

During year one of the program, the student will have the opportunity to apply for year two. They will need to submit all required materials; have the approval of the coaches they have learned with and will also need to be approved by a selection committee that will interview them.

This will take place during the second half of the year. They will receive their decision no later than mid-December.

Year Three

To move into the residency, the student will have to be issued an invitation by Daniel Duval and the program director. This will be based on the student’s performance during year two of the program.

After the successful completion of 250 hours of one-on-one session work during the residency, the student will be considered for release as a coach on the Bride Ministries platform.

Daniel Duval | Executive Director

Dan Duval has more than 10 years of experience and has spent over 10,000 hours in 1-on-1 sessions working with survivors of satanic ritual abuse and government sponsored mind control. He has successfully trained others to understand and implement his powerful and fruitful prayer-coaching strategies. His coaching is based on a deep understanding of identity in Jesus Christ, the mechanics of the kingdom of God, and applied revelation. He is internationally recognized as a thought-leader in the areas of inner-healing and deliverance ministry.

What our students say & Why we are credible!

Daniel Duval is one of those rare persons who is: Compassionate for the suffering. Tender – yet strong, Serious – yet full of humor and joy, Confident – yet humble. He is trustworthy, consistent, persistent, patient, dependable, and highly skilled. I could not ask for a better coach. He always partners with Jesus. They always get the job done! I am honored to call him my coach.

As a survivor of Iluminati based government sponsored mind control I have needed in depth consistent healing and deliverance. Daniel Duval is anointed and gifted to help even the deepest level of torture and trauma. He is patient and discerning allowing Papa God to lead through complicated programming to reach supernatural healing.


Cost & Commitment

Year One Tuition 

Tuition for year one is $2500 if paid upfront. Tuition can also be paid as a down payment of $500 with a monthly payment of $200 for February through December. No travel is required during year one, but we do encourage travel to the in-person Intensives taught by Daniel Duval. Travel and hotel costs will not be covered by program fees.

Students can expect to invest 5-10 hours per week during the first year.

Tuition includes the following:
  • Lifetime access to BRIDE Ministries Institute Online Platform.
  • Live Coach Led Groups on the BRIDE Ministries Platform.
  • Access to all four LIVE Intensives with Daniel Duval.

Year Two Tuition

Tuition is $7500 for the second year if paid upfront. Tuition can also be paid as a $3500 down payment with monthly payments of $400 for February through December. Travel is required in order to attend the four weeklong trainings in Katy, TX. Travel costs are not included in the tuition. The training events go from Monday through Friday. There will also be several books that students will be responsible for purchasing throughout the year. Students can expect to invest 10-15 hours per week during year two.

Tuition includes the following:
  • Week-long training events at the Bride Ministries campus with hotel and food costs included in tuition.
  • Weekly Online trainings with Daniel Duval consisting of book study, mentoring, guest speakers, and office hours.
  • Live Ministry experience with volunteers.

Year Three Tuition

Tuition for residency is $150/month. The goal is to achieve 250 hours of one-on-one ministry experience with ongoing support, oversight and feedback. Some ministry experience will be volunteer, and some will be paid. No travel is required. Residency includes a weekly meeting with one’s cohort led by Daniel Duval and ongoing access to office hours. Students in residency are also afforded the opportunity to attend the annual coach retreat. Students must remain in residency for a minimum of 6 months before they will be considered for the Bride Ministries Coach platform. Residency does not meet during the months of December or January. There is no charge for those months.

Fee includes the following:
  • Weekly meeting led by Daniel Duval
  • Support, feedback, and oversight
  • Ongoing access to office hours with Daniel Duval

Program Support & Opportunities

Year One Support

First-Year students will be led through foundational material by BRIDE Ministries Trained and Selected Coaches, introducing them to the coach community and the world of Bride Ministries. Private sessions with Coaches that are already on the platform will be encouraged, allowing for personal ministry time to receive inner healing and deliverance to be fully prepared for the second year.

Year Two Support

Second-Year students will have access to office hours for ongoing learning opportunities and support. Students will also be assigned a Trained and Selected Coach mentor and be required to spend time getting to know the other members of their cohort with weekly phone calls, leading to deep friendships and real community

Year Three Support

Students in the residency program will gain even more access to the coaching and survivor support community through attending the Support Groups and receiving Coach Resources.

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